• ReSkin Heel

    Specifically designed to go anywhere on our body to prevent the friction on your skin that causes blisters and chafing.

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  • ReSkin Bike Patch

    Prevent the friction from a saddle or chamois that causes blisters and chafing from ruining your cycling enjoyment and performance.

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  • Male-FactorPak™

    The easy, accurate, acceptable way to collect high-quality semen specimens.

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  • Tecnu™

    Tecnu removes the rash causing oil, urushiol, from skin that's come into contact with poison ivy, oak and sumac.

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  • Cast Comfort™

    Spray away the itch and odour from beneath Casts and Splints. This unique aerosol spray keeps casted patients happy!

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  • Epi-No

    Multi-purpose childbirth preparation tool that enables you to connect with your pelvic floor prior to childbirth.

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  • The Essential Exercise and Birthball Handbook

    Helping you through the correct exercise regimen during and after pregnancy.

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  • Hold it Sister

    Hold it Sister is the revolutionary new exercise program designed for weak pelvic floor muscles.

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  • Now Pick Me

    A Practical Guide for being Picked for the Job you Want!

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  • Bamboo bump bands

    Made from Bamboo and designed for comfort to allow you to continue to wear your favourite clothes when pregnant.

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  • Bio-Racer™

    Belgium manufacturer of cycling clothing focused on excellent quality, detail and customer care.

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  • Exercise ball

    The perfect ball for use to prepare for the birth. Includes pump and exercise suggestions for all stages of pregnancy.

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  • AGE Reader

    A proprietary medical device which can non-invasively assess the tissue accumulation of AGEs within 30 seconds.

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  • Maternity bags

    Exclusive and Stylish range of Hospital and Overnight bags.

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  • Changing bags

    Stylish & Practical Baby Changing Bags.

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Bescot News

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Thanks to everyone who came by the booth at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon at the weekend…. and before you ask… Yes, Martin did finish his Half Marathon and Yes, ReSkin did prevent him getting any blisters and chafing! Hope you all had fun on the run! ‪#‎ProtectAgainstFriction‬ Read more

Tried, Tested and True – ReSkin to prevent Saddle Sores

Here is a great article in BikeRadar by Nik Cook who has done is own testing of various methods of preventing soreness from “the saddle”. Check out his article and find out which method of protection worked best. Read the findings here     Read more

Two endurance runs for you in May to enjoy!

Sat. May 9th – Seaton Trail, Pickering (15K, 25K, 50K) The venue of the Seaton Trail is very scenic and the time of year that the race is held, usually finds the race course in full bloom of Trilliums. This race is the closest to Toronto out of all the Ontario Ultra Series races. http://www.seatontrailrace.com/ […] Read more

Pick Your Poison 12.5k, 25k OR 50k Race

Just two weeks to go till the Pick Your Poison race. Saturday, April 25th 2015 Pick Your Poison Trail Run is a challenging 12.5 K loop through the beautiful hills of Horseshoe Valley. Distances include 12.5K, 25 K and 50 K. The course consists of approximately 98% off-road terrain made up of a combination of […] Read more

A Run with Real Meaning

Hamilton: April 11th 2015 – The Blarney Walk Run. 6.93k or 10-4k If you are looking for a run with meaning beyond doing just a personal best, check out www.Blarneyrun.ca and help “to raise awareness in the areas of Mental Health, PTSD, Occupational Stress, Addictions, Depression and fight the stigma associated to these issues. We […] Read more
Why Bescot Health Care Canada?
Bescot Healthcare Canada, as our name suggests is focused on providing, or continuing to provide valuable healthcare products to Canadians, to aid in the diagnosis or treatment of their disease or disorder. Within this mandate, Bescot Healthcare has three key areas of focus:

  1. The purchase and promotion of mature pharmaceutical products.

  2. The introduction of unique, innovative and valuable new healthcare products to the Canadian market.

  3. Consulting with companies to identify the launch opportunities of their products into the Canadian Market.

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Partnering with Bescot
Bescot seeks to be your partner of choice in entering the Canadian market.

  1. We will remain FOCUSED ON OUR CUSTOMERS. We will always look to offer our customers unique products, while providing them with the best information. By helping to create knowledge, we believe we allow patients themselves to better deal with their health.
  2. We are a TRUSTED PARTNER. We will not forecast the market and your potential share high, just to get your business. We are professionals who ask the right questions and stand by our forecasts.
  3. We will represent your product with INTEGRITY and ENTHUSIASM. We understand that we are not just representing Bescot, but also your company, through your product.