The Easy, Accurate, Acceptable way to collect High-Quality semen specimens.

Finally, the Natural Choice.

The Male-FactorPak is now licensed by Health Canada - a unique semen collection kit that includes everything you need to collect and transport a semen sample, including a sensitive, non-spermicidal polyurethane condom and carrying pouch with an ID label.

The Male-FactorPak allows trying-to-conceive couples that are experiencing potential male factor fertility challenges to collect semen samples, to be used for semen analysis and/or fertility treatments (such as IUI and IVF) during intercourse, providing a natural alternative to yesterday's tradition: masturbation. It also gives medical specialists the opportunity to work with more representative samples than ever before.

Studies show that semen samples obtained through intercourse are more viable than those obtained through masturbation.1,2 Improved specimen viability and increased patient acceptance when masturbation is objectionable, are the benefits that medical professionals have been waiting for.3

This doctor-recommended method for collecting sperm helps to decrease collection anxiety and may increase the total number of functional sperm in a sample of ejaculate.

Psychologically Acceptable
Thin and Sensitive
Easy to Use
Easy to Transport
  • NON-SPERMICIDAL: Biologically inert polyurethane condom maintains semen motility and velocity. No powders used in condom manufacture.
  • PSYCHOLOGICALLY ACCEPTABLE: Allows sample collection at home and eliminates patient stress traditionally caused by religious, cultural or emotional objections to masturbation or coitus interruptus.
  • COMFORTABLE AND GENTLE: Ultra-thin polyurethane facilitates sensitivity and high sexual stimulation.
  • EASY TO USE: Patient simply cleans genitals prior to use, removes condom when erection has ceased after ejaculation, and closes condom with provided twist-tie.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Patient seals condom in compact pouch with patient I.D. label, and transports to physician or laboratory, carrying it close to body to maintain specimen temperature.
  • STERILE: Individually sealed and packaged.

If you are collecting a sample for an upcoming assisted reproductive technology treatment (such as IUI or IVF) and you have never used a condom for sample collection, it is highly recommended that you purchase 2 kits so that you can practice prior to your procedure. This will help ensure that all will go smoothly on the day of your treatment.

Bescot Healthcare Canada is the exclusive supplier for
Male-FactorPak in Canada.