Cast Comfort™

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Spray away the itch and odour from beneath Casts and Splints

If you're wearing a cast, you know that the discomfort that occurs under the cast — it can be an ongoing problem. In many cases, it's also nearly always impossible to reach the affected area. And the odour that can develop in a cast after it has been on for several weeks can be bothersome as well.

170g / 6oz spray

    Until now, you had to "just deal with it"

    Cast Comfort Spray is a unique aerosol spray that keeps casted patients happy!

    Cast Comfort may be applied directly to the skin under plaster or fiberglass casts or splints. Cast Comfort is a cooling aerosol spray of specially formulated ingredients to boost comfort:

    • Medical grade alcohol cools the itch immediately.
    • Talc soothes the skin and a special drying agent helps control moisture.
    • Sodium bicarbonate and a light fragrance absorb and eliminate awkward odour.
    • Cast Comfort Spray is safe, effective and easy to use.

    When To Use

    Cast Comfort Spray may be applied through fiberglass casts or directly onto the skin under all types of casts. A thin plastic applicator tube allows you to direct the cooling, soothing aerosol spray directly to the problem areas.

    The Origins of Cast Comfort

    Rich Shafer spent over 20 years in the medical field distributing orthopaedic products to surgeons, hospitals and doctor's offices. He recognized the need to develop an easy, effective way to comfort patients who were casted because of a broken limb without using whole patient treatments that needed to be ingested or injected to work.

    From that insight, Cast Comfort was born. Laboratory researchers identified the key ingredients needed to comfort the skin and reduce odor. Next came the dilemma of HOW to get the solution to the affected areas under the cast. It had to be an aerosol spray and it had to be able to reach UNDER the cast to the problem areas. Using a thin tube attached to the spray nozzle allows the user to direct the spray deep under the cast. Cast Comfort is a one-of-a-kind product that is extremely effective in reducing cast discomfort and odour.

    We are proud of the relief it provides to patients with casts and we are proud to distribute it across Canada through our on-line store.